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Registration - Educational qualifications - Requirements

The AICI Statute distinguishes 4 types of Members. Those interested in registering will be able to choose, based on their profile or needs, among the following:

  • Ordinary members - Singing teachers of both musical sectors: "classical" and "pop". They participate in all the activities of the Association with the right to vote in the Assemblies, pay the ordinary fee and are required to participate in ongoing training as established in the Regulations. They are therefore entitled to the certificate of quality and professional qualification of the services provided, pursuant to Law 4/13, and to the publication of their name on the site.
  • Affiliated Members – All those who, professionals, amateurs, non-profit organizations and associations that work in direct contact with vocality: choir directors, orchestra directors, accompanying pianists, score revisers, choristers and singers in general, phoniatricians and speech therapists etc. They participate in all the activities of the Association, have the right to vote in the Assemblies and pay the ordinary fee.(1)
  • Student Members – All music students, especially vocal students. They participate in all the events of the Association and pay half of the ordinary fee for the annual subscription. They do not have the right to vote at Assemblies.




In addition to school education, it is required for teaching:


  • In the Classical area - the Academic Diploma of I and II level or the Singing Diploma of the old system of Conservatories, be a well-known artist or have proven experience in teaching singing
  • In the Modern context - having attended specific training courses with proven standing and experience in teaching singing, being artists of clear fame and possibly having the Level I Academic Diploma that Conservatories are starting to offer for the various Pop styles, Rock and Jazz


Requirements for applying for registration with the AICI


  • Age not less than 28 years (*)
  • Professional experience of at least 2 years (*)
  • Commitment to adhere to Ongoing Formation
  • Produce your own professional Curriculum to be sent, together with the application form , to the Secretariat .

    (*) Only for Ordinary Members


Registration is subject to the opinion of the Board of Directors after evaluation of the curriculum presented with the Application. It will be the task of the Secretariat to communicate the outcome to the applicant. If the opinion is favourable, the interested party will be sent the procedures for proceeding with the payment of the registration fee and will shortly receive the Registration Card for the current year.


Ordinary members €80.00

Affiliate Members €80.00

Student Members €40.00

Moral bodies and associations 160.00


The Curriculum of Doctors and Speech Therapists will be published on the site in a section dedicated to them having a professional training already regulated by the respective professional orders.


Membership involves acknowledging the Statute , the Rules of the Code of Conduct and the commitment to comply with the dictates, under penalty of forfeiture as a Member.
Membership includes insurance coverage.


How to pay:

Payments must be made via:


PayPal: (coming soon)

Bank transfer: BPM   IBAN: IT 40 V 05034 11102 0000 0000 1339


NB - Forward a copy of the payment to the Treasury specifying the Reason using our contact form .


For clarifications or information do not hesitate to contact us, click here

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